Maintenance and repair of your ski or snowboard in Serre Chevalier

A professional maintenance and repair workshop

Edges sharpening

Snow is abrasive, so ski edges deteriorate and don’t grip the snow as well. As a result, you’ll be more likely to lose control of your skis, especially on hard snow. Sharpening the edges gives them better grip. Ceramic finishing is available on request.

Maintenance & repair of your base

The base of your skis or snowboard is made up of a composite material that facilitates water (snow) moving over it and makes it possible to slide over the snow. For a base to slide well, the nicks and chips caused by rocks must be systematically filled in, and the entire surface must be well covered with wax. The technicians in the workshop can also work on replacing pieces or repairing the structure of the base.

The cross country workshop

Maintaining cross country skis requires special waxing techniques so that they slide perfectly and perform optimally. In our professional workshop we are equipped with the Thermo Bag TOKO hot box, which allows the wax to be fully incorporated into the base of cross country skis. We have all kinds of wax in the shop to prepare your skis for any type of snow conditions.