Skiset commitment: mountains are our world

At Skiset, our job is preparing skiers*

We turn our clients into skiers so that they can take full advantage of the mountains and feel that they’ve really gotten into adventure.


  • Skiset, ski hire shops managed and run by mountain sports professionals: former champions, high mountain guides, Ecole de Ski Français instructors, etc.…
  • The guarantee of the leading ski hire network: 650 shops in 350 resorts in Europe, always “closer to you” **,
  • Making clients feel at home is our priority,
  • Skiset never compromises when it comes to quality: recent, major brand name equipment that is checked and maintained
  • Safety in mind: automatically recommending helmets for any extreme sport conditions, for children and beginners,


* Preparing skiers concerns equipment, psychological and physical preparation as well as providing skiers with all the necessary information, etc.

** Always closer to your lodgings and/or the foot of the slopes.