Cross country ski hire in Serre Chevalier

The Regis Sports Villeneuve Pre-Long shop also specialises in cross country skis, both classic and ski skating. You’ll find a selection of the biggest popular name brands available for hire and sale.

Take advantage of a cross country French Champion’s experience

Regis Reymond, with his experience as a member of the French cross country and biathlon team and his win in the 1976 French Championship, has everything it takes to advise you and is ready with his sales team to help you make your choices for cross-country ski equipment hire or purchase.

An area just for cross country ski hire in Serre Chevalier 1400 - Villeneuve

In addition to the staff’s advice, and in keeping with the Skiset commitment, you’ll find high-performance equipment for every level. The store also offers equipment for hire for ski skating and classic cross country competition (skis and footwear).

Cross country ski hire online for your holidays in Serre Chevalier

You can now book your cross country skis online before arriving in Serre Chevalier with our online booking service. In just a few clicks, book your cross country ski hire

Cross country ski brands